About The Project

Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) is an independent non-profit art initiative founded by a group of artists and photojournalists. CIC’s Photo-School has a special interest in photography, contemporary art and media education that responds to and develops visual culture and artistic practice, engagement, and discourse, while studying visual language; aspiring to expand visual production within critical contexts for a range of practices via discursive events, publications, courses, workshops and other educational activities.


Based on its strong belief in the many urgent roles of the photographic image within society, CIC’s Photo-School provides technical and professional facilities, aimed at local and regional capacity to develop a broad and critically effective visual media landscape.


The rise tide of Visual Media in the past few years has transformed the medium from being just a complementary element to an essential integral one that documents different aspects of public life in Egypt, and that redefines the producing, using and disseminating strategies and methodologies of visual material by activists and human rights sectors’ personnel.


CIC’s “Image Production and Negotiating the Visual Culture Landscape” aims to revitalize the relationship between development, civil rights, activism and the use of image as a medium for expression documentation and reflection within these particular fields. It explores the process of visual production and the possibilities of decentralizing visual production.


These goals are implemented through: training courses, workshops and the enhancement of local and regional potentials by supporting the establishment of the infrastructure and professional facilities needed.

The structure is of the program is coming about via interweaving research and practical training. Research Sessions, an integral component of that phase, took the form of consultative (group and individual) discussions with specialists in the fields of education, development, media production, media distribution, and image producers who closely work with Civil Society. Specialists from Cairo and from other governorates shared their experiences and thoughts about decentralized image production and alternative narrative structures, by and about Civil – & Human- Rights’ related subjects. The sessions also addressed alternative partnership methodologies that put decentralization into practice; photography & video as possible tools for knowledge production; local production of educational material that is specific to its context; among other relevant ideas and concerns.

The Practical Training Sessions of Phase I, are conducted in Assiut- the third largest governorate in Egypt and the capital of Upper Egypt. It is divided into 3-part workshops (the first one completed on Nov. 18th) plus short follow up visits. The training is designed to enhance the participants’ narrative and technical skillset; collaboratively with participants, create and define the base for devising educational materials/manuals that address specific visual production aspects, and bring forth participants’ projects.

The training methodology, the produced outcome and the collaborative work with participants in devising educational manuals, should be the concrete base for our Phase II research project (planned for 2014) and yet stands singular in a solid “pilot phase”.

Core Team:

Rana ElNemr

Project manager- photography trainer- executive editor

Is an artist, whose work is photo-based and often includes text, sound, and other mediums. Beside her artwork, during the past years, ElNemr has become interested in researching the visual culture and the prospect of images. Her work occasionally also covers documentary photography. She studied photojournalism, advertising & art; and she is one of the co-founders of the independent art space, CIC (Contemporary Image Collective).

Rana has shared & exhibited her work & research on the image nationally and internationally and she has received several awards throughout her artistic & photographic career.

HalaGalal Main

Hala Galal

Consultant- lead trainer- directorial editor

Is a film director, script writer and producer. She is Co-founder and Executive Director of SEMAT Production & Distribution, a space for independent cinema and filmmaking that aims to capacity building for young filmmakers in Egypt and the Region. Hala has been Project Director of Caravan, a Euro-Arab Cinema Program, whose activities have spread locally, regionally and internationally. She has lead and devised various educational programs and workshops where she has implemented alternative educational methods, and she has been invited as a lecturer and guest speaker in major Festivals, Conferences and Events. Besides Hala’s active involvement in the Egyptian Independent Filmmaking Scene, her own films and productions address issues of high concern to her community. She has participated in several local and international film festivals and her long documentary “Women ChitChat” was awarded the Silver Prize at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2006.

Nawara Belal

 Nawara Belal

Project coordinator- artistic producer

Is a Storyteller – line producer and production designer of an independent self-funded short movie “The Wheel” in post-production phase. She is the co-founder Caravan for Arts initiatives and producer of its’ Storytelling Performance “Why Tell..” based on Street Kids stories. She has been the initiatives coordinator at Nazra for Feminist Studies for 2 years. She is a storytelling trainer and a performing storyteller.